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Wrap Your Gifts in Style

December 12, 2016

The #elFSQUAD is helping you amp up your gifting game this holiday season with three unique wrapping techniques! Check out THE PERFECT BOW, THE CONFETTI CADEAU, and THE CARD HOLDER tutorials using our custom FAULHABER wrapping paper designed by Frontier below. 


Step 1: Center ribbon on front of wrapped gift

Step 2: Flip gift over, twist the ribbon, and bring the ends up around opposite sides of the gift back to front

Step 3: Slide ribbon ends under center ribbon

Step 4: Tie a knot around the center ribbon

Step 5: Form a loop with the left ribbon end and wrap right end piece around the loop

Step 6: Pull the right ribbon through the hole it created next to the left ribbon loop to make a right ribbon loop

Step 7. Pull the two loops outward to tighten the knot and secure the bow

Step 8. Fold end ribbon pieces in half and cut on a slant facing away from the bow to finish off the polished bow

Step 9. Complete! 


Step 1: Wrap your present

Step 2: Prep your tag

Step 3: String tag though a strip of double-sided tape

Step 4: Stick tape to gift and remove top layer

Step 5: Stick confetti to double-sided tape

Step 6: Enjoy!


Step 1. Cut wrapping paper for gift leaving 8 extra inches on the longer side

Step 2. Crease the wrapping paper hoziontally four inches above the center 

Step 3. Overlay the crease on the wrapping paper by four inches and presss down to create another crease under it

Step 4. Flip the wrapping paper over and center the gift over the crease and continue to wrap gift normally

Step 5. Insert card

Step 6. Add desired decoration to gift and you're done!

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