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#WhatDrivesYou: Yanic Simard

March 13, 2015

Recently we sat down with Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of the award-winning Toronto Interior Design Group and regular TV expert on City’s Citylineto chat about his source of inspiration and more.

Read on to discover what trends this design guru expects will spring up in 2015. 

What inspired you to become a designer?

My discoveries through travels along with all the wonderful things that the world's societies have to offer. I also come from a long line of industry professionals within my family who are in construction and real estate - growing up in a design filled environment truly helped me to discover my passion.

Any tips for young Canadians breaking into the design industry?

I would say to work as hard as you can, do your research, and learn from your mistakes (you'll make a lot of them – be prepared!) …and to take each experience as a blessing. In one word: Embrace

Where do you look for inspiration?

Still to this day a lot of my inspiration comes from my travels – I also look at every design magazine I can get my hands on - like a lot of people. These days social media seems to be my daily go-to place, Instagram provides real amazing interiors to get inspiration from.

What is your staple design item right now?

Definitely the Kiri black and white bowl from my Yanic Simard Selected Collection - it adds a touch of whimsy personality to any space and its also functional.

What are some of the design trends you see taking shape in 2015?

We are seeing a ton of richly saturated hues, mainly deep blues and greens. The trend is to make a statement, whether it's through a graphic 3D print, digital surrealism artwork or water colour patterns - really it's about standing out. Also, we continue to see the mixing of warm metals like copper with gold alongside naturally inspired elements for a raw edge.

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