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#WhatDrivesYou: Wing Sze Tang, Cosmetics Magazine

June 22, 2015

Having written for Canada's top fashion and beauty publications, we couldn't wait to pick the brain of beauty buff and word nerd, Wing Sze Tang. As Editor of Cosmetics Magazine, her role involves scoping out makeup, skincare and other products months before they launch in stores, spotting trends, and interviewing artistic geniuses and other industry VIPs. Read on to get a sneak peek at some of this summer's hottest beauty trends and to find out what it takes to become a world class editor. 

What inspired you to become an editor? 

I’ve always been a word nerd and information junkie. Working as an editor/journalist gives me a license to be curious and ask smart, fascinating people lots of nosy questions. The job is creative, analytical and (most of the time) really fun.

Any tips for young Canadians breaking into the publishing industry?

There’s no secret shortcut to success. No matter how small the task, put in the work and do your very best. It may sound simplistic and cliché, but in a competitive world, you need both talent AND the willingness to sweat. 

What are some of the beauty trends you see taking shape this summer?

There are so many! In terms of new products, it seems like practically everyone got into the contouring game this season, and the trend of imported-from-Asia innovations—sheet masks, treatment essences, cushion compacts—is still going strong. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere. Anything that makes you think or feel can be a source of inspiration, although we don’t always pause to pay attention.

One thing you would be doing if you didn’t become an editor? 

Writing a book or making a documentary film are a couple of pie-in-the-sky ideas that have flitted through my mind. I’d probably be trying to tell stories in some other way. 

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