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#WhatDrivesYou: Tara Noelle

June 22, 2016

Toronto-based lifestyle and portrait photohrapher, Tara Noelle, is our third artist featured in our #F15YRS artist collaboration. Her work has been featured in Globe & Mail, Flare.com, EnRoute Magazine and FashionMagazine.com, and she is a frequent contributor to Toronto’s social-based websites- cdaily.ca + notable.ca, as well as print base magazine www.producttoronto.com. Noelle's minimalistic style is a perfect fit for FAULHABER as her work reflects class and timelessness. 

Tell us about yourself? What do you do? What are you hobbies?

Owner, Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer, Tara Noelle Photography + Lost in Love(Engagement + Wedding Fine Art Photography) based out of Toronto. Photographing full time freelance for 6years.

My style consists of a stylish, exposed simplicity, which very much mimics my own personal style. I have a love for unique/off the cuff locations that allow my subjects to shine as I use a mix of analog + digital methods. 

I believe the best photographs are the ones that suggest many emotions regardless of their subject, in a way suggesting everything while revealing nothing. 

I travel a lot + currently my obsession is mid west USA. Have a long list of places I want to check out there.  I am an avid member in the arts community + am passionate about sharing my knowledge/experiences of what our city has to offer as a cultural art hub in addition to donating my time + funds to support.

I love thoughtful documentaries, eating pickles, mindfulness, BIG books + getting my hair done at Ritual by my girl Viv.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be YOU. There is only one of you. Oh and “fake it to you make it!" - Keeps me confident in situations that are unknown.

What drives you out of bed in the morning?

The sun in my eyes reminding me the world needs to be photographed.

Stranded on an island what’s the one thing you’re bringing with you and why?

My iPhone – so many uses like getting me off the island! Actually, forget that- a tent; being stranded would be the best vaca right now!

What made you choose your career?

I didn’t choose it, it chose me for sure. I grew up in a culturally eccentric + art influenced household in addition to going to OCADU for photography/ fine arts so Photography + Art has naturally been around me all my life.  I lost focus for a while with my creative empathic abilities to build up my business intelligence but we found each other again + now I am back doing what I love best! 

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done and why?

I feel I have had the privilege to do many amazing things in my life, which I am grateful for daily. One memory I always go back to though is traveling to Marfa, TX on my own + glamping out in the desert with the most magical light you’ll ever see.

What the top 3 things on your bucket list?

Peyote @ Burning Man 

Sky diving (which is happening this summer! Jump is bought!)

A summer living on a house boat.

If you could invent one thing to make your life easier what would it be and why?

An ON + OFF mood button, so I can better transition from being a creative to a business person throughout my week! (My accountant would be so happy if this could happen!)

Head to Tara's Instagram page to see more of her work.

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