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#WhatDrivesYou: Kelsey Dundon

June 16, 2014

Kelsey Dundon is a woman of all trades. The Vancouver-based writer and founder of high-profile lifestyle site The Anthology, has made frequent appearances on CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television, and Global Morning News as a style expert.  More recently, she has launched Northill Creative, an agency assisting retail, lifestyle and fashion brands with writing, editing and content creation. Despite her already hectic schedule, she somehow finds time to contribute to multiple publications including Vitamin Daily, and raise her adorable one-year-old baby boy. 

We got in touch with this inspirational woman to find out what drives Kelsey in her career, life and love. 

1.      What are your most memorable career moments? 

Leaving my agency to go out on my own was a very scary decision.  It was the job I'd always dreamed of having and I loved the people I worked with, but I could feel the momentum building in everything I was doing outside of my day job.  Thankfully it was the right moment to take that risk.

2.       What do you love most about what you do?

I'm never bored. The projects I work on are so varied, it keeps things interesting.  I'll be editing a brochure for a major university's MBA program while getting organized for a TV segment at the same time.  Every day is different and I get to collaborate with so many people, I feel very lucky.

3.      You have a lot on the go between Northill Creative, writing, blogging and raising a one-year-old.  Do you have any time-management tips you’ve learned over the years to help you balance it all? 

I never used to be very good at time management so I've had to work really hard to change that.  Now I've become obsessive about scheduling. That, and I work during very odd hours. 

4.       Tips on how to stay cool and collected while speaking to a live audience?

Have fun with it and make it fun for the audience.  When they're entertained and engaged it makes your job much easier.

5.       Where do you find inspiration for articles and blog posts?

Anywhere and everywhere -- in the shower, going for a run, pretty much anytime I'm focused on something else.  I keep an inspiration list on my iPhone for ‘out-of-nowhere’ ideas.

6.       What is your favourite pastime or hobby?

Hiking. I love to be out in the mountains with my family and my dog. Thanks to my kid, we get a really early start so we're up on the trails at the crack of dawn with all the hardcore fitness nuts.

7.       What is your favourite vacation destination to escape your busy life?

I'd love to head down to South America right about now, but I'm too chicken to tackle a flight that long with a one-year-old kid.  California is as far south as I'll make it this summer.  And I'm not complaining -- I love the sun and the palm trees.

8.       Describe your dream date night:

I have a very embarrassing love of Tom Cruise movies.  So, um, Edge of Tomorrow.

9.       What words of wisdom would you tell any blogging newbies?

You never know where it might take you (I started The Anthology for fun -- it never even occurred to me that it could turn into something) so either take it very seriously and treat it like a job, or don't take it seriously at all and treat it like a passion project. You're set either way.

10.   Motto to live by:

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” - Paulo Coelho

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