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#FCareer: Jodi Urichuk

August 16, 2016

One of Toronto’s most coveted makeup and hair artists, Jodi Urichuk, sat down with us this week to share what drives her. With 15 years experience under her belt, she has developed a robust resume working with clients across the globe including H&M, Reebok, Marshalls, P&G Beauty and with high profile celebs like The Rolling Stones, Amber Heard, Metallica, and Eva Longoria. You can see her editorial work often on the glossy pages of ELLE Canada, Flare, FASHION, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Zoomer, and Toronto Life. Get to know the infamous makeup and hair artist, who was recently selected to choose a signature colour for MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 30th anniversary palette, below. 

Tell us about yourself? What do you do? 
I was born and raised in Calgary, AB and moved to Toronto when I was 23!Ive been a Makeupartist and hairstylist for over 17 years...I was introduced to this world during a very brief stint as a model when I was 16...then I realized I was 5'7", lived in Calgary and was not Kate Moss! LMAO! This team came through town doing some testing and I was lucky to work with now world renowned photographer Raphael Mazzucco! The makeup artist was incredible and afterwards I kept wondering how I could do this for a living one day...I went to Blanche McDonald in Vancouver and had an amazing instructor and mentor...Lucyanne Botham took me under her wing and and was so giving with her knowledge and experience...paying it forward...
So important to support fellow artists...

I worked with MAC cosmetics after school was over and it brought me to Toronto where I was able to find an agent in The Plutino Group and they've represented me for over 15 years...
They keep me busy with all sorts of amazing work...it's never the same which I love...celebrity, advertising, editorial, and fashion....

What do you do when you're not working?

When I'm not working I'm trying to be the best mom to my Selena...truly the best thing I've  ever done!!

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done and why?
There are so many memorable moments in my career...the most memorable being asked to work with the Rolling Stones for two tours...true rock ICONS...their makeup artist taught me so much about how to behave on set, having no ego, and to never stop learning.

There are always challenges but if it was easy, everyone would do it...I think the most challenging thing,is trying to balance life, motherhood, time...it's not just me I have to think about anymore. I don't give up, I try to be better, I learn from every experience, I do things that scare me, and keep positive! You need to have good energy...I am the middle man between the subject and the photographer or media...they need to feel great after being in my chair.

One of my most recent memorable moments was shooting Serena Williams for my first spread in Harper Bazaar. I am a huge tennis fan and to work with the greatest of all time was pretty epic!! She was so kind and truly a professional!

What is something you do for you?

The things I like to do just for me are hitting up a Jays game, concerts, and beach volleyball as much as possible!!!

How do you balance work and family time?

My husband and are a great team...we've worked together for years...work and life go hand in hand with us...
My daughter Selena is very familiar with the camera and I always have her painting my face...she's an amazing painter and loves to be creative so obviously any canvas is ok with her...

What made you choose your career?

Oddly enough I was a jock and was pretty much on every team...you wouldn't have found me anywhere near beauty culture! That doesn't mean I didn't take an hour getting ready every morning perfecting my extraordinarily large bangs and bright fuchsia lips...so I think I always had it in me...

Best advice?

What goes around comes around, you're only as good as your last job, there are no rules in makeup, never stop learning!!!!

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