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We are so excited to feature a fabulous local entrepreneur and overall inspiration on the FDrive this week - Hanya Kizemchuk. Hanya is the founder of SPINOUT CYCLE, Canada’s first indoor cycling Smart Studio located in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Motivated and motivating, Hanya shares some of her personal inspiration for starting up her own business and how to maintain a positive outlook in all areas of one’s life. Read Hanya’s guest post for an instant dose of empowerment and determination:

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. There is nothing better than the feeling of setting a goal, achieving it, and then resetting and re-achieving; sports are a natural way of doing this. Competing with oneself and always improving. The lone wolf, so to speak.

After many years of running, my knees, ankles and feet simply gave way to pain, and the only way to achieve that daily rush of adrenaline was found on an indoor cycling bike. The problem with most studios is simply that they are soooo boring! Finding stimulating classes in any city is tough.

As a zoomer, I grew up without computers; to this day, I sometimes feel I am on the outside looking in. I am fascinated by how we find it necessary to always keep in touch, to be in constant communication. Kids with their games being entertained while parents busy themselves with other things, this incessant need to be stimulated and connected.


I remember standing in front of the Apple Store and being blown away at how busy they were. No one else in the mall was that busy! It dawned on me that if I could bring some form of entertainment by way of technology to the indoor cycle studio that I would create the next level of future cyclists.

We love to gather and share data, just look at Facebook. It’s all about data. That was the AHA moment. Now, how does that happen? Computerized bikes are just in their infancy, so I researched the best bikes that computed real time data. That’s the Schwinn bike that I have in my studio.

From there, I researched a young company from Chicago that was just starting to be able to transfer the cycling data from the bikes to monitors at the front of the classes. The new technology has its challenges for sure, but we are forging forward to further customization in this relatively new arena. True gamification.

What do I see in store for the future of my business? My goal is to build a scalable company that can grow, communicate the value of fitness and mobilize a culture of cycle enthusiasts that will help take this sport to the next level. It shall be done!


Imagine 20 studios with monitors all hooked up to one another. The race and competition of this would be incredible. That’s where I am going with this. Not today, but tomorrow, as the technology catches up to my imagination. Imagine that, from the person that has always looked in from the outside in terms of technology!

The most challenging thing about starting any new venture is maintaining an unwavering belief and confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. To know with absolute conviction that you will be a success, even though that road is most certainly always bumpy and paved with curves. That’s what makes it interesting though, right?

When alone at night, when those innermost fears rear their ugly head, know that by morning they will dissolve and simply be nonsense. Overcoming challenges and seeing your ideas come to fruition is the biggest reward. It’s an amazing feeling, watching people come into my studio and overhear them say Wow, what a cool place! It’s the reward of knowing that at 56 years of age, I still have my finger on the pulse and that I have the guts to completely reinvent myself. The reward is in turning to my young daughter, and leading by example. To live without the fear of failure.

Keep in touch with Hanya and SPINOUT CYCLE on Twitter and Facebook!

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