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Marcus Kan is a ball of energy and a man of many talents. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting him in The FShop, the FAULHABER showroom, where we caught up on some of his latest projects that are so full of surprises that they made us tingle with delight. 

Q: We know you’re a real busy guy. You’re heavily involved with FAJO Magazine, Draw a Dot. and Fusion of Effects. How do your roles differ for each and how do you manage your time to do all of this?

A: At FAJO Magazine, I am the artistic director and my role is everything related to editorial shoots (from location scouting to checking out previews for future shoot opportunities). When it comes to Fusion of Effects and Draw a Dot., I only focus on the things I like and make sure both of them represent my voice in this industry.

All these three roles do crossover so sometimes I can wear all three hats at the same time. For example, if I am at a fashion show, I will be covering for FAJO Magazine as well as Fusion of Effects. I don't sleep much since I am always on the go. I am hoping to have a eight hour sleep soon!

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?

A: When I’m looking for inspiration for a project, I usually will go to Google since it has almost everything I need. When I’m not in front of the computer, I read fashion books as they always help me to develop good creative ideas. From time to time, I will also meet with a few of my close friends and get their opinions on my ideas. Just ask Alexander Liang (KENTON Magazine) and Justine Iaboni (Jetset Justine) how many times I have bugged them for their advice!

Q: Where do you spend your time?

A: When I don't have to work, I usually like to sit at a café and do some research. A nice cup of coffee is very important to me so I like to explore different cafés in Toronto. As of this moment, my favourite coffee spots are Maman and Milano. Sometimes you will also see me walking along Queen Street West as I love to look at new products and window displays. This is the kind of research I need to do for my blogs.

Q: You’re always working on cool stuff, but one project that’s really stood out for us is your recent Rebellious Squad Fusion Six series. Tell us more.

A: Rebellious Squad is the 6th anniversary project for my fashion blog Fusion of Effects. When I was first planning this project, I wanted to include all the best elements of the blog from the past six years - photography, illustration and of course the close friends I have in this industry. Since 2010, I have been surrounded by people who have influenced me in a lot of ways. The nine people I’ve selected to participate are particularly special because each of them has a unique role in my world and represents a different phase of me in this industry.

Instead of wearing glamorous clothes that everyone sees on our Instagram accounts, I wanted to go back to basics. We all had the same "uniform" – a white Gap t-shirt, a pair of denim from Over the Rainbow, and a pair of white Converse sneakers. Since I am a big illustration fan, I asked them to decorate the shirts and Converse to represent themselves. I know it was not an easy task for many of them, but the result was beyond my expectation.

The biggest surprise of this project to the public is I invited an illustrator (Roberto Sánchez) to give each person an alter ego in illustration form. That part alone took two months to complete as the illustrator and I needed to narrow down the Spring/Summer 2016 collections and find the perfect look for each person. The process was more complicated than I expected, but it is totally worth it because I have been hearing a lot of positive feedback for this project.

View Marcus Kan’s Rebellious Squad Fusion Six series on his blog here.

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