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#WhatDrivesYou: Covet Garden

October 1, 2014

We recently caught-up with Lynda Felton, Jessica Reid and Rhonda Riche, the lovely founders and visionaries behind Covet Garden to hear about their inspiration and love for showcasing the beautiful homes and lives of some of Toronto’s most stylish!

Lynda Felton

FC: As a stylist, where do you get your creative inspiration from?

LF: Everywhere. The last creative I did I drew inspiration from Jane Campion movies. Also, nature is a constant source of inspiration for me as it is endless with its offerings. 

The homes we feature on Covet Garden are another source of inspiration. When I scout potential places, I'm looking for something that speaks to me on some level --big or small. (This is also why creating Covet Garden's Inspiration pages were so important to me because there is something in every space that gets me thinking, 'hmmm, I like that.'

FC: Any tips for young up-and-comers breaking into the industry?

LF: Don't be in a rush. Reach out to photographers you like and ask if they'd be open to doing a creative with you. Also, some senior prop stylists take on juniors to shadow them and assist them -- this usually comes without pay but it's a great way to learn the business.

Jessica Reid

FC: What do you love most about what you do?

JR: I love that working on Covet Garden combines all of my favourite things: layout and design, art directing photo shoots, crafting projects, looking for great new home items and inspiration, and seeing how people live. We have been so lucky to shoot the homes of people who not only have great taste, but are truly lovely people and it is always such a treat to meet them and spend a day with them in their home capturing the space and things that they are so passionate about. 

FC: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in business?

JR: Do what you love. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be able to wake up and work on this project every day. My partners are amazing and talented ladies and the people and spaces we feature inspire me tremendously. If you lose your enthusiasm and love of what you do, you are lost.

Rhonda Riche

FC: What are you passionate about/What motivates you?

RR: I love to learn new things all the time. For example, I love all things vintage because I enjoy researching an object’s history — who made it, when and why.  Which is why so happy that I get to meet so many amazing people through Covet Garden

FC: What inspired you to become a writer/editor?

RR: I started out in the visual arts (and I still paint and perform). I went to arts editor of the school paper to see why they didn’t cover art openings and he said it was because most of the staff only wanted to write concert and album reviews. That’s when I realized that writing was another way to share stories that could also reach more people. (That and the fact that the writers got free albums to review!)

Don’t miss Covet Garden’s Home special available on their website as well as Anthropologie and Chapters. See below for a speak peak of the issue!

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