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What made you get into acting?

I was intentionally flunking Grade 9 Theatre (for fear of becoming a dreaded 'drama geek')  My teacher made me a deal - audition for Oliver Twist or fail.  I auditioned, got a lead role, became a drama geek and never, ever looked back.

Who or what inspires you?

Meryl Streep.  Not just because she's the most gifted, compelling, magnetic actor on the planet - but because she seems to have been able to balance career and family.  I want it all.  I want to excel in my profession and I need to excel as a mother.  Also, FUNNY women inspire me.  I collect them.  If a funny woman crosses my path, I'll stalk her until we're best friends.  A woman confident about her sense of humour is a force of nature.

What has been your favourite role?

Marci Coates on Orphan Black.  Hands down.  It's so rare to be handed such a deliciously layered character in television - especially while doing comedy.  And her wardrobe was epic.  I want to be Marci Coates when I'm 60.

Amanda at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, makeup Charlotte Tilbury

Most exciting place you've filmed?

Comedy pilot in LA. CBS Studios. My family sat in the live audience beside Steven Spielberg, Debra Messing and Sean Hayes.  My husban sat with Megan Fox.  Most exciting for me because it was SO thrilling for them.

Favourite Canadian designer?

I've actually never met her, but I have been really impressed by what is coming out of Shoshanah Kuper's 3rd Floor Studio.  Love the prints and the fit looks immaculate on everyone.  Also, Sid Neigum is a genius.

Can't live without beauty product?

Ohhhh EVERYTHING Charlotte Tilbury, but if I have to choose; Supermodel Body. Nope the Wonderglow primer.  I have a tube at home and a tube in my car. Evidently, Wonderglowing is very important to me.

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