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Beauty vloggers are taking the world by storm, and Jaclyn Forbes is one of these fantastic talents.  With over 11K followers on her YouTube channel, Jaclyn is a force to be reckoned with.

We invited Jaclyn into theFShop, the FAULHABER Showroom, where top international and local brands are housed for easy access for stylist pulls, media swing bys and acts a place for our bloggers and vloggers to film and create content for their channels.  We were excited to pick the brain of the beauty and lifestyle vlogger and learn a bit about what makes her tick - read on to get a behind the scenes introduction to this vlogging sensation!

What made you start filming makeup tutorials?

I have always been interested in beauty products since a young age. I remember watching YouTube tutorials back in elementary school in hopes of learning how to paint my nails better. One video led to another, and I discovered this online community of people who were just as interested in beauty and fashion as me. I spent so many nights throughout high school watching different makeup tutorials or raiding my kitchen cupboards to try to recreate a DIY Face Mask that I saw on YouTube. After years of watching YouTube videos, I realized that I could make videos too. So, I decided to set up my camera and film a video.

Who/What inspires you?

There are so many things that inspire me. In terms of makeup and fashion, it can be as simple as seeing someone pass by me on the street. I was just in New York this past week and I saw such a variety of unique looks. Seeing people exude confidence in their outfit or makeup is really inspiring to me. I also love to follow blogs, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts. There are so many platforms online that make it easy to discover new people, brands and products to create new ideas. 

Who would you invite to dinner - dead or alive?

Emma Watson. I think she is such a strong and intelligent role model. I really look up to her, not only as an actress, but as an advocate. I would love to pick her brain and chat with her!

There's a FIRE! QUICK! Grab three items from your vanity to save … 

My Skin’s Shangri La Moisturizer from Lush, any lip balm, and my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder. Hands down.

Where's your favourite place to eat in Toronto?

I absolutely adore Fresh. It’s kind of become my second home here in Toronto. I eat vegan, and fresh has so many delicious options. Plus, their Quinoa Onion Rings are to die for! 

Jaclyn Forbes and FAULHABER's Megan Taylor playing with Charlotte Tilbury makeup in The FShop

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