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Walk This Way: Three Hiking Trails to Check Out this Fall

November 6, 2015

This weekend ditch your normal gym routine and grab your favourite playlist, because the FSQUAD's got the top three trails in southern Ontario to check out before winter leaves us all knee-deep in snow.

Dundas Valley and Niagara Escarpment – Hamilton, Ontario

Find out why Hamilton is known as the waterfall capital of the world. The Dundas Valley loop is made up of nearly 40 kilometers worth of trails and includes both Tew’s and Webster Falls along the way. 

Mount Nemo Conservation Area Loop – Burlington, Ontario

For those of you who are crunched for time, this is the hike for you. The Mount Nemo Conservation Area Loop is just under 5 kilometers long and still packs all the great scenic views.

The Bruce Trail – Oakville, Ontario

This seemingly endless trail runs all the way from Niagara to Tobermorey (that’s nearly 890 kilometers long). The Bruce Trail is one of Canada’s oldest pathways and is also a UNESO World Biosphere Reserve, making this hike a great homage to our country’s history and landscape.

Autumn may not be the warmest season in Canada, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful. We want to hear from you - what are your favourite trails? 

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