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For the uninitiated, Toronto Fashion Week can prove a steep learning curve for burgeoning PR professionals and fledgling fashionistas alike. A seriously busy schedule, flurry of afterparties, introductions and liaising with media contacts could have you trembling in your heels if you don’t plan ahead.

Here are some tips from our team on how to survive Fashion Week unscathed…

Ditch the Jacket: It can get crowded in the tents and no one wants to be holding on to a heavy and hot jacket. Plus, it’s usually not that cute to overheat.

Charge Your Cell: With all the candid and runway snapshots you’ll be taking, you need a full charge! Bring a backup battery pack if you’ll be in the tents for several hours as low reception drains your battery faster. When in doubt, pack your charger.

Bring & CollectBusiness Cards: Network, network, network. Work the room and remember to follow-up after the chaos of #WMCFW. Always ask people for cards once you’ve made a connection and write them a quick note to follow up. You never know where a new relationship will lead you.

Social Research: Look up designer handles, venues and event-specific hashtags ahead of time, even model names if you can. This will make for efficient posting and bring your social presence to the next level at the event. It will make posting super quick and there will be no room for error or searching frantically for a designer on Instagram in dim lighting.

Smile: Front Rowers are known to look oh-so-serious – fashion should be fun! Show your pearly whites when the cameras are pointing in your direction.

Confidence: Always the best accessory! Wear outfits you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Style is all about you and what makes you look and feel your best; it’s very much a personal thing. Be confident in what you’re wearing and who you are – it will make you look fab and you’re more likely to be photographed when you appear relaxed in your own skin. Bonus points if you rock a Canadian designer!

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