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TOM Fashion Week Recap: The Modern TOM

August 26, 2016

Dedication towards the fashion community in Toronto is very much still an ‘in’ trend. Less than two months after Toronto Fashion Week announced it was closing its runways, organizers from Toronto Men’s Fashion Week announced that they would be heavy supporters in launching Toronto Women’s Fashion week this coming February.

With world class designers, media and of the moment consumers, TOM has taken the reigns in showcasing a meaningful and fun celebration of fashion and beautiful collections. Art-Deco inspired florals, light cool washes, monochromatic layers, wearable tech, textured print and denim on denim ruled the TOM runways with TOMBEATLEMANIA as the spotlight collection by many notable Canadian designers such as Rudsak.

Here are some of our favourite Instagram moments from TOM: 

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Instagram: @arthurvontyrpa

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