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TIPS: March Break, Not Skin Care Break

March 4, 2013

With March Break around the corner comes a break from the Winter blues, but in no way should that mean a break from skin care. In fact, this is the time to ramp up the TLC for your skin! Be good to you – Be good to your SKIN!


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Common Skin Care Mistakes when vacating to Hotter Getaways!

Rushing out to quickly to get some Fun in the Sun

Right after a flight, the skin is in particular more dehydrated. When the Skin is dehydrated, it is more vulnerable. Immediate sun exposure, and unprotected Skin can be a detrimental start to any vacation!

Solution: Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of Water! And always wear your sun protection.


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Too much Sun exposure!

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from skin, which is why sunburned skin requires more moisture than unexposed areas.

Solution: Where possible, limit the time spent in direct sun exposure. Be sun smart! Don’t be a vampire but protect yourself from UV rays by seeking shade, wearing UV protective clothing,


Sun damage – not a light thing!

Skin damage should be treated seriously. Did you know that with immediate attention, the skin health can be recovered and renewed?

Solution: Using a powerful serum like Dermalogica Agesmart Multivitamin Power Serum or After Sun Repair, to reverse Cellular damage is a phenomenal way to keep the skin looking and revealing it’s best. Use a small amount nightly, underneath your moisturizer.


So, you got sun kissed! Kiss your skin with hydration!

March Break Vacationers covet the “sun kissed” look. But usually end up with a “skin dehydrated” look! No matter what your age, the Sun is the number one way to dehydrate the skin.

Solution: Using Dermalogica Agesmart Antioxidant Hydramist is a favourite way to restore essential lost moisture. Walk around with this convenient toner. Mist the skin anytime of the day and night with cooling hydration, and a shield of antioxidants.


Play hard but play fair! Be good to your skin.

Start and finish your March Break Vacation right!

Solution: Wear SPF at all times. You can find numerous options of protection in SPF 20, SPF 25, SPF 30, or even SPF 50! We recommend, re-applying, often.


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Look great but also be great in your shades!

Sun glasses are always a cool way to be while on vacation. But glasses alone, sometimes are not enough to protect the eyes.

Solution: Don’t forget to care for your eyes with an appropriate eye moisturizer that contains SPF. UV rays can be attracted to the skin around the eyes, especially with dark glass frames. So, be wise and good to the eyes! Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15 is a great option.

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