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#FGOES: The FDrive's Guide To Winter Activities

January 27, 2016

Before the end of 2015 we were all pretty excited that there was no snow on the ground. The weather was mild and you didn’t have to bundle up in a thousand different layers; it was a simpler time.

Now that winter has finally graced us, we’ve rounded up these must do, can’t miss winter activities.

Dog Sledding

Looking to get away from Toronto winter driving? Why not head out to Barrie for an adorable day of dog sledding. Dog person or not, we think this activity is one for the books. 

Winter Surfing

If you love surfing in the summer, why not try it in the winter? Thrilling, refreshing and entertaining, brave the wintery cold waters of Lake Ontario with some friends. We promise it will be worth it, and not just for the Instagram pic. Check it out here.


We’re lucky to have an abundance of options when it comes to skating in the six. Now that it’s a little chillier outside, try one of the many outdoor rinks in and around the city! Find a local rink near you here.

Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding

Still sulking because it’s snowing out? Not much of a "winter person"? Well here's how you can experience the fun of skiing and snowboarding…indoors. Enjoy these exhilarating outdoor activities all while staying cozy and away from the cold outdoors. Get the scoop here.


What’s a must-do list without a little Beyoncé? Warm up on a chilly day by attending one of Nicky’s famous Beyography classes and get your sweat on.

Image Source: Liz Bedall 

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