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The Drink with an “Irrepressible Spirit”

June 12, 2014

How do you pay tribute to BACARDÍ’s untamable spirit? You celebrate with a cocktail.

In honour of over 150 years of uncompromised passion triumphing against extraordinary odds, BACARDÍ is executing a 360- degree takeover of Toronto’s Distillery Historic District from July 4-6th for a Cuban inspired festival extravaganza.

The BACARDÍ Festival Libre will transport you to the colourful and festive world of Cuba complete with authentic Cuban music, dance, cuisine and art.

While we count down the days to this weekend long commemoration, we’re mixing up some of BACARDÍ’s signature cocktails to get us in the Cuban spirit. Take a peek at some of our favorites. Bottoms up!


To celebrate the end of the Cuban War of Independence, US soldier Captain Russell ordered a BACARDÍ Gold rum and Coke® with lime. Curious onlookers asked its name. The Captain proposed a toast, ‘Por Cuba Libre,’, "For A Free Cuba," and the original Cuba Libre was born.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: BACARDÍ Gold rum, cola (bottled), lime wedges


Depending on who you believe, the mojito either came from the Spanish word ‘mojar,’, which means to wet, or the African word ‘mojo,’, which means to cast a spell. Anybody who’s ever tasted one will agree that it’s thirst quenching and spellbinding in equal measures.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: BACARDÍ Superior rum, lime wedges, fresh mint leaves, caster sugar, soda water/club soda

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