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The Classic Canadian Cocktail

June 27, 2014

To celebrate Canada Day, here at FAULHABER we are taking a deeper plunge into a classic Canadian cocktail - the Caesar.

Caesar lovers have totally revamped the cocktail and are no longer just using vodka as a base.  Fans of the ruby red have been experimenting with various bases from tequila, gin and rye to our personal favourite, Bacardi Amber Rum.  This choice gives an extra boost to the tart flavouring and better complements the flavour profile.

Matt LaRochelle and Steve McVicker are said to have mastered the recipe and have come up with the ultimate Caesar that we are lucky enough to share with you!

Specializing in pickled food products and cocktail seasonings, Matt & Steve's are known for their popular garnish The Extreme Bean.  This pickled bean was created to replace the outdated celery stick with just the right amount of spice for the perfect amount of flavour to add to your Caesar.

Matt & Steve’s products also make great accompaniments to any salad, charcuterie board, or even just to nibble on as a snack.  Purchase various Matt & Steve’s products at www.mattandsteve.com and check out their legendary cocktail recipe below.


Take a 341 ml (12 oz) glass and soak rim in lime juice
Swirl glass liberally with Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rimmer
Fill glass to very top with ice
Add 1 ml (1/4 tsp) of Worcestershire sauce
Add 28 ml (1 oz) of The Extreme Bean brine (Signature flavour shot)
Pour in 43 ml (1.5 oz)  Bacardi Amber Rum
Fill to top of glass with Clamato
Sprinkle Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rimmer on top
Add lime wedge
Garnish with The Extreme Bean Hot & Spicy and B’nOlive 

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