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TFI: A History

April 26, 2012

Let’s turn the pages of time:

With the Toronto Fashion Incubator's (TFI) highly anticipated 25th anniversary celebration just around the corner, we thought we would take a look back in time to see how this innovative non-profit organization came to its glorious fruition. An excerpt from the TFI website:

With a passion for the fashion community, the TFI is a unique, vibrant organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing Canadian fashion designers. The first official “fashion incubator” in the world, the TFI was incorporated in 1987 and debuted in 1988 as the Toronto Centre for the promotion of Fashion Design.

It all started in 1986, when the fashion industry was the second largest industrial employer in the City of Toronto. The Fashion Industry Liaison Committee (FILC), a volunteer industry organization supported by the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Division, proposed that a fashion incubator could stimulate business growth and ensure vitality in the industry, which would translate into job growth and new business development. A year (and a lot of hard work) later, the TFI was born and ready to inject excitement and energy into an already vibrant fashion community.”

A quarter of a century later and the TFI is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the adoption of its model by 33 global cities including New York, London, Milan, Chicago, Melbourne, Auckland, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Dublin.

Celebrated Alumni:

Joeffer Caoc
David Dixon
Arthur Mendonça
Ashley Rowe
Nada Shepherd
Farley Chatto

This Year’s TFI New Labels® Finalists:

From dynamic duos to fierce soloists, this year’s finalists are heating up the competition with their innovation and creative flair. Finalists include from top left: Montreal-based Patrick L’Arrivee’s namesake outerwear brand, Toronto-based team Genevieve Pearson and Stanley Capobianco’s luxurious outerwear label Jameson Kane, unisex label [blak] - i by Toronto-based Diego Fuchs and Helder Aguiar and Edmonton’s Sid Neigum’s experimental, self-titled label.

The VIP Invitation:

The TFI’s striking invitation for their 25th anniversary gala graced the desks of Canada’s fashion elite, solidifying the celebration on event calendars across the country. Palettera, Canada’s luxury stationery design firm was commissioned by the TFI to craft a distinctive invite worthy of the quarter century celebration. Created using 6,250 Swarovski crystals, 700 stunning Swarovski crystal buttons, 700 yards of ribbon and 500 hours of handcraftsmanship, the final piece was nothing short of stunning.

Tickets to TFI25 are available at www.tfi25.com

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