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Sh*t Girls Say: FPR Edition

December 14, 2011

1. Can you email it to me?

2. Can you do me a favour?

3. Did you bring your phone charger?

4. Who’s going out for lunch?

5. Can we get separate bills?

6. I don’t have cash.

7. I’m kind of obsessed.

8. OMG, I can’t. 

9. Actually?…

10. Promise you won’t say anything?

11. Can you help me with Photoshop? 

12. I can’t find it on the server.

13. Did you bring your curling iron?

14. Can you do my hair?

15. OMG I have the same shirt!

16. You’re such an “IT” girl!

17. I feel so loved. 

18. Me and X are like, BEST friends.

19. Does anyone have nail polish remover?

20. Did you see this tweet?! 

21. Who has the camera?

22. Where are the clipboards?!

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