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Pointer: Successful Desksides

October 17, 2011

Pointers:We share insider knowledge and crowd-source the PR community for best practices.

Adrianna Ermter, journalist and beauty editor extraordinaire, knows the relationship between the Media and PR is reciprocal. Ermter shares advice on planning successful desksides.

Desksides involve meeting a journalist, usually at their office, to show-and-tell new products and happenings. They are important to an overall PR strategy because desksides ensure face to face time with key contacts and the nurturing of important relationships. Even if what you’re selling isn’t the newest or the chicest, there’s always a way to make the deskside fun and engaging for everyone.

It is preferable to go to the editors’ office and deliver a sharp product knowledge - if you can leave product with them that’s the best- everyone likes to test drive. Don’t sell, just remind them about the product. Creating a buzz will always get attention and a tasty treat can go a long way too.

The power of the Thank you. Don’t forget it. It will aid you in so many aspects, especially in creating those lasting reciprocal relationships.

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