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P&L's The Egg Hunt

April 2, 2015

Happy Easter!

We want to share "The Egg Hunt"  Easter cocktail recipe with you, which is perfect if you are hosting a family gathering. It is playful and reminisent of childhood. The beverage has been thoughtfully dreamt up and executed by Parts & Labour Director of Wine & Spirits, Chantelle Gabino. Head down to the hippest Parkdale restaurant for an ever-changing and seasonally inspired drink and food menu to satisfy the whole family.


Cadbury Mini Eggs- smashed with a wooden spoon or mallet in a cloth or bag.

1 oz of your favourite Rum

.5 oz  Bailey's Irish Liquer

.5 oz Frangelico Liquer

3/4 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz of Simple Syrup (equal parts granulated sugar to water, boiled then cooled. You can flavour this too)

1 egg white, or 1 oz of pasteurized egg white

2 dashes of Black Walnut bitters, any chocolate bitter works as well


1. Take all liquid ingredients and measure into a cocktail shaker. 

2. Shake all of the ingredients together without ice to mix and froth up

3. Add ice and shake hard. (About 8 seconds of vigorous shaking will do)

4. Immediately strain into a cocktail glass

5. Top with crushed Cadbury Mini Eggs

6. Enjoy!

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