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Organic is the New Black

July 31, 2014

Who says your diet is the only way to live organically? Elte’s very own exclusive new Banana Silk Khotan Collection uses organic and natural fibres from the stalk of a banana plant to create a subtle metallic sheen after washed and treated, leaving your home feeling refreshed and down to earth.

The unique craftsmanship of this one of a kind rug, only found at Elte can make the world of a difference in transforming a room from cold to cozy. Let your thoughts take you to Bhadohi, India, where artisans hand-weave Turkish knots creating rugs with an old-meets-new world quality.

But just because the rugs have been delicately woven, doesn’t mean they are off limits for cocktail parties and other events where spills are unavoidable. The threads have been spun, dyed, and woven to produce an extremely durable, moisture-absorbent, biodegradable rug that can’t be found anywhere else. Not to mention, the great conversation starter, your new rug might just steal the spotlight at your next social gathering!

Jamie Metrick, General Manager and Buyer, Rugs and Broadloom, at Elte searched far and wide for this distinctive fabric. When asked about the future of custom rugs, he says the focus on design and colour has shifted to unusual fibres and textures in everything from Mongolian cashmere, banana silk and bamboo silk to cactus, help and mohair as well as different types of furs. The sky’s the limit!

So next time you’re looking for a fresh twist on an existing room, don’t forget to look down. Sometimes the best ideas are right under your feet!

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