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On the TIFF Roster: Must See Films

September 7, 2012

With TIFF 2012 finally here (kicked off last night, September 6, 2012) and the myriad of film reviews - what to see vs. what to wait for - we at the F-Drive have done our best to read between the lines and pick out the films that one must really see this year.

The celebs are in town and everyone is excited about The Master, Anna Karenina, Looper, Argo, Passion, On the Road, Silver Linings Playbook, To the Wonder and many more big name blockbusters. Major favourites we expect among the TIFF roster are Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, which everyone is already swooning over and What Maisie Knew, this year’s The Kids Are Alright (in our opinion). The reality is, these films will have a wide release in the next few months so we recommend waiting and putting some of the more elusive titles to the top of your list.

For example:

Rust and Bone

Starring one of our favourite actresses, Marion Cotillard plays a whale trainer in French auteur Jacques Audiard’s tragic film. The story follows Cotillard as she is horribly injured by one of her star orcas and the difficult relationship that begins with an amateur boxer played by Matthias Schoenaerts. With mixed reviews out of Cannes, but many complements to Cotillard’s performance, we see great things in this French melodrama. The story adapted from Canadian author Craig Davidson’s two short stories.


This Chilean film starring Gael García Bernal cleaned up at Cannes and we anticipate the same thing in Toronto. Directed by Pablo Larrain, No is a true story of the adman behind the renowned campaign against Pinochet in 1988 to oust the dictator from power. Giving a comedic and somewhat realist look at the cynical politics behind this campaign, the film was shot on unclear and fuzzy video stock to give the audience the feeling of the actual news footage of 1988.

Midnight’s Children

Director and Canadian auteur Deepa Mehta, who we all fell in love with in 2005 with Water, will be premiering this tale of two children born within moments of India gaining independence from England and their lives growing up in the country that is nothing like their parent’s generation. An adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s epic novel, the author took on the screenplay which leads us to believe Mehta and Rushdie may make a great pair.

Love, Marilyn

Immortal icon, Marilyn Monroe, continues to intrigue audiences. This time in the film Love, Marilyn, which divulges into the never-before-seen letters, diaries and notebooks of Marilyn Monroe. This intimate look at the movie star is narrated by renowned contemporary actresses, including Marisa Tomei, Uma Thurman, and Glenn Close.

Room 237

If you are a documentary-aficionado, this one should definitely top your list. With rave reviews from Sundance, Room 237 deconstructs Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film; The Shining. By filmmaker, Rodney Ascher, the doc follows numerous interviews with Shining fans who explain the secret messages about Native American genocide, government conspiracies and more that they insist are hidden throughout the film. Kubrick and conspiracy theory lovers will likely lose themselves in this one, as it goes deep, deep into the horror picture.

7 Boxes

Getting a rare look at cinema from Paraguay, this crime thriller takes place in Asunción, the perfect setting for this genre. A tropic urban hub housing infamous “municipal marketplaces”, Asunción is a maze of vendors’ stalls hawking everything from fruit, vegetables and garments to pirated DVDs and cellphones. Following young Victor, 7 Boxes is the story of seven highly sought after boxes that the teenage boy must transport which becomes a dangerous and life-threatening task.

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