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November is MOVEMBER

November 7, 2012

If you hadn’t heard: Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health (prostate cancer). This year, the initiative extended its arms to include mental health.  

Last year, fashion do-gooders, Over the Rainbow founder, Joel Carman and TOMS shoes raised over $40,000 with the infamous ‘Shave-Off’ Joel’s 40 year old ‘stache. (recognize it?)

This year with new meaning and hope for the gents’ that benefit most from money raise, the campaign is taking on a new purpose. Over the Rainbow is bringing the Canadian fashion industry together in a united front to raise money for Movember. By appointing 12 Fashion Ambassadors to join the RainBROws team and inspire their network of work colleagues, family and friends to donate, Over the Rainbow hopes to raise $60,000. Joining the RainBROws are: 

· Daniel Carman (Over the Rainbow)

· Avi Raphael (J Brand/Slavin Raphael Agency)

· Daryle Perrin (John Varvatos/Throat Threads Apparel)

· Jeremy Miller (PRPS/Triluxe)

· Claude Nicke (Scotch & Soda/Freemark Apparel)

· Nick Weinberg (Paige/The Finchley Group)

· Ryan Richards (Braemore Neckwear Company)

· Jeff Awenus (Original Penguin/Jaytex Group)

· Abinav Mirsa (Original Penguin/Jaytex Group)

· Aaron Shutt (Original Penguin/Jaytex Group)

· Saad Hammed (Original Penguin/Jaytex Group)

· David Myers (Original Penguin/Jaytex Group)


Over the Rainbow has created a video in conjunction with the Movember campaign including highlights from 2011 and featuring interviews with this year’s fashion ambassadors explaining what the new campaign is all about, and what it means to them.  

Produced by Matthew Shoychet:

To support the Over the Rainbow team, you can visit their Facebook, Twitter and Team MoSpace donation page. All are encouraged to join the fight, become a “bro,” grow a stash, tell a friend, get creative and donate.

Tweet your support! @MORainbrows or #RAINBROWS

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