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#WhatDrivesYou: Brandi Boulet

May 22, 2017

We caught up with makeup artist, Brandi Boulet, best known for getting celebs like Cara Delevingne red carpet ready, and for her work on The Revenant (2015), Remember (2015) and Mistletoe Over Manhattan (2011).

See what she had to say:

What is the most outstanding “Pinch me!” moment in your career thus far?

I would have to say that the most outstanding "pinch me" moment in my career so far was getting the phone call saying "Do you want to come and work on "The Revenant"? It was such a huge opportunity, it almost didn't even seem real! 

Any dream makeup jobs? Hypothetical or otherwise!

- Being a personal makeup artist and getting to have that relationship with someone through the years, helping create their characters and getting them glommed up for red carpets. 

- Working on a project that travels around the world

- Working on any scale of project that everyone involved is passionate about, be it a small indie job or a huge budget blockbuster. 

What is your favourite thing about an average day on the job?

My favourite thing about my average day on the job is that there is no such thing as an average day on the job! Every day and every shoot is different. It's so nice going to work in the morning and being presented with something new every day. Plus, I love that I get to work with both new people and familiar faces from project to project. It really is a fun job!

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