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Here at FAULHABER we're a dog loving bunch, and to show our love for our furry counterparts we're giving them their five minutes of fame right here on The FDrive!

Read on to see some of our team's most beloved pooches, whether they're an aunt or uncle or a dog mama, there's plenty of wuff to go around!

Pooch's Name: Napoleon Peanut Pathak 

Fur Baby Mama: Lexi Pathak

Director Lexi's ferocious fluffy snuggle bunny, Napoleon Peanut, is a favourite guest of the FAULHABER office.  

Pooch's Name: Darby 

Fur Baby Godfather: Shane McKenna

Darby the cuddle bandit always tops Halloween's best dressed lists! 

Pooch's Name: Momo

Fur Baby Godfather: Taylor Mason

Taylor says the best thing about his God Dog Momo is that she loves him more than she loves her owner.

Pooch's Names: Muffy and Sunny (friend of Muffy)

Fur Baby Mama: Jackie Paré

Jackie loves her doggy Muffy because he goes on doggy roadtrips with other doggies!

Pooch's Names: Kara, Kasi & Kalypso

Fur Baby Friend: Natasha Black

Prior to Faulhaber, Natasha would spend part of her summers on the farm raising these little babies - she misses them dearly!

Pooch's Names: Princess Holy Berry

Fur Baby Mama: Megan Taylor

Princess Holly Berry is back in Ireland and Megan misses her millions. Luckily this fur baby has her own Facebook page so Megan keeps up with her daily antics all the way from across the pond!

Pooch's Names: Bosco

Fur Baby Aunt: Patricia

He is high energy and full of love. He has the best smile. He is Bosco the BT! 

Pooch's Name: Ollie

Fur Baby Mama: Sarah Leone

Ollie is a 3 year old golden doodle, hold the golden. He’s the sweetest most affectionate pup there is; his hobbies include willing himself to fly while chasing birds and rooting around his toy bag to find his hot toy of the minute

Pooch's Name: Misty

Fur Baby Mama: Shannon Law 

Meet Misty: equal parts dog and rug. She always finds a place to snuggle and take in a good sunbeam.

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