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November 28, 2016

Meet Bianca. This natural beauty is our Spot 6 Manangement rising star of the week. From moving to New York at just 17 years old to dancing on set of Vogue Australia in her own pointe shoes, Bianca has certainly made a name for herself in the industry. Learn more about this ambitious model below.

Q: Tell us about yourself – what makes you, you?

At first glance, I'm a sassy bowl of spice with the biggest head of hair. But when you look closer, I'm an ambitiously curious individual with an obsession to explore the unknown, inspired by simple moments in life and humble people with influential voices. 

Q: When did you start modeling?

I started in the industry in my hometown, Ottawa, I remember being scouted at a young age and wanting to see what modeling was all about. I had no idea what world I was entering and my parents were worried at first of my dreams of becoming a supermodel. They were very supportive and drove me countless times 4 to 8 hours drive just for 10 second castings. It took a lot of passion and commitment to pursue this career. When I was 17, I took my first big step and I moved to New York. For the first 5 months, I lived with 40 different international models making their first steps as well. Now with all this experience behind me, I am grateful and happy to be living in my own apartment in New York and be able to travel the world and continue learning and growing in my job. 

Q: Tell us about your experience shooting for Vogue Australia.

Shooting with Vogue Australia in New York with one of my favorite photographer Alexi Lubromirski was a great experience for me to reconnect to my roots of dancing. The shoot was "dancers off duty" themed, so I was obsessed with the ballerina inspired styling by Natasha Royt. It was a badass team. Another great part about shooting with Alexi is that he knows how to capture the essence of the subject. When I look at the images, I can truly see myself in the work we do together and I think that's essential to any good photographer. 

Q: What was your all-time favourite photoshoot?

My favorite photoshoot is whenever I get be creatively free. I love working with photographers who are comfortable with chaos, because when I shoot, I move quickly and fluidly, like a dance. I think photographers and models alike value the importance to capture a real moment where the mind isn't forcing a pose. The human is so much more beautiful in its natural element.

Q: What is your favourite thing about your career?

The fact that my career brings me to places and people I would have normally never met or seen. My favorite part is exploring and even getting lost in a new city. Whenever that happens, I don't bother looking at a Map because I always know that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Q: How do you stay fit?

Staying fit has always been about balance for me. I'm a dancer since I was three and I believe that physical health and mental health are completely codependent. That's why I'm not a believer of dieting creating a life with to many limits because the mind can feel trapped in these cycles and boundaries. If I want to eat something, I let myself do so without guilt, but I also know what my body needs and am in tune with it mentally and physically. My advice would be set a  physical and mental routine that you're comfortable with and be consistent with it. For me it's dance class, Pilates, yoga, and some good home cooking with fresh ingredients. 

Q: Tips for being confident?

My best tip for being confident in you skin is to let go your fears with your sexuality. 

Part of feeling confident is knowing who you are inside and out. When you feel good on the outside, it resonates with people and the only person who can change that perception of body image is yourself. I also find sleeping naked helps  overcome that insecurity. We were all naked once so I'm no sure why we became so shy about our physical identity. 

Q: What motivates you?

What motivates me are the the obstacles and challenges I experience. Somehow overcoming the tough moments have made me appreciate all the good life has to offer and what its worth fighting for. Another big part of my motivation comes from my will to promote the diversification of beauty in the industry. I think models have a responsibility to men and women to represent them authentically. I believe that in this globalized world, there should be no boundaries to beauty. We are all equal and should be represented that way in our ideals as well. 

Q: What is your favourite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal is cheesecake. Whoever invented cheese as a cake is an absolute genius. 

Q: What is your best advice for aspiring models?

My advice for aspiring models is to follow your own path as we all have different attributes and qualities that make us individually beautiful. And if you believe in yourself enough than you have the power to set new standards of beauty instead of following what other people ideals are for you. 

Q: Who is your role model?

My role models are the women in my family. Hardworking, hardheaded, passionate women who taught me to believe in the impossible and to fight for it. They also taught me timeless style and elegance which I am forever thankful.

Q: What drives you out of bed in the morning?

I'm not a morning person so I would have to say my alarm clock. I'm glad it's a soothing ringtone though. Although, I do love a good 90's jam and a cup of coffee to start my day. 

Q: When you aren't modeling where can we find you?

When I'm not modeling, you can usually find me in nature, at a dance studio, catching up with friends or cuddling up to my favorite shows on Netflix.

Q: If you could invent one thing to make your life easier what would it be?

My life would be so much easier if I had a teleportation device. All I would need to do is snap my fingers and appear in different parts of the world. I can only dream!

Q: What is one thing you cannot live without?

One thing I cannot live without is my suitcase and all things I carry in it which is my whole life. I guess that's cheating because there's really not one thing I can't live without! How can you choose? 

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