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Meet the Team: Jackie Pare

March 5, 2015

How did you get into PR?

FAULHABER brought me into the world of public relations. Having heard about the agency through my heavy involvement with fashion business conferences in university, I was impressed with the agency’s roster of fashion and design clientele so I decided to give this PR thing a go.

I’m a marketing graduate, so the internship experience was extremely eye-opening for me. For the first time I began looking at the conversations between more than just the company and the consumer, as I had in marketing, but at the conversations between the company and the clients that trust them, and the company and the media that want to hear them out. It was definitely a new way of thinking which made it challenging but also very intriguing.

What made me commit to this new career path? I can create. Every single day. Create conversations, create solutions, and create opportunities where none existed before.

What’s your favourite part about working at FAULHABER?

I flourish where inspiration is present. Our dedicated team, our amazing client roster, and our beautiful showroom and office space where all the magic happens = the perfect recipe to keep me stimulated 24/7.

What’s your favourite spot to unwind in Toronto?

Edwards Garden. I practically live next door to one of the most beautiful botanical parks in the city so I make sure to pay it many visits during the summer. They have one of the most impressive biking trails in Toronto, I’ve heard, but I don’t bike, so I usually read or suntan on the grassy hills instead. Until recently they had these killer pop-up ice cream stands there but unfortunately they’ve closed them all down.

Favourite piece in your closet?

A brown hat I got in Regensburg, Germany (I'm wearing it in my photo!). It was purchased from Hutmacher am Dom, a hat store boasting a 100 year history and located directly in the heart of the city next to the old cathedral. It’s stamped in gold with my initials.

Guilty pleasure?

Sporting my Totoro onesie. Don’t know what that is? I encourage you to look it up.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

Push the human experience by visiting Bolivia's sea flats. The surfaces are said to be so reflective that heaven and earth pretty much merge together to become one single entity.

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