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Meet the Team: Shannon Law

March 8, 2013


Account Manager

Why Communications?

I’m a complete sponge, an information hound. Even at a young age, I wanted to know everything about everything. I was that annoying kid with her head cocked to the side blankly starring at my mother repeating, “but why?” My line of questioning may have changed since then, but my tenacity to soak up information remains. It’s my job to read the paper and know what’s going on in the world around me. Communications was a natural choice for me. Now I take that information and use it as a lightning rod for brands – do I love my job? Yes!

Based on your recently viewed, what would Netflix recommend you watch next?

Environmental or any social issues TED talk– if they carried them. But that’s what I have an HDMI cord for. I’m obsessed with being inspired. Every time I finish one I get all ramped up and my inner activist looks for the nearest tree to hug. If I wasn’t in public relations I would definitely be building a school or a sustainable fishery abroad.

I’m extremely close with my younger brother, who works for the Ministry of Natural Resources, and he is always teaching me how to be better to the Earth.

What’s your biggest fear?

Someone reading my Google search history aloud in front of a large group of people. I am constantly researching weird things or trying to settle a debate with a friend. I love a friendly argument, but Google can either be your best friend or worst enemy.

Favourite vacation?

I can’t say I have a favourite vacation, as I can find the fun wherever I go; however, I definitely have a favourite vacation spot – Miami! I love the heat, the beach, the food, the culture, the people-watching. After giving my bank account a serious beating, I like to hit an outdoor café on Lincoln Road with my local girlfriends and become a spectator.

How would your friends describe you?

My friends call me the ultimate hobbyist – I snowboard, play volleyball, tennis, golf and guitar, and have been sailing since I was nine. I love learning new things and mastering skills. My friends know me as very competitive, especially when it comes to non-athletic sports like ping pong and bowling.

But I think the most universal thing my friends would say about me is that I am loyal and devoted.

Things you can’t live without…

Peanut butter. If I developed a nut allergy my anaphylaxis would be self-inflicted. Everyone says this, but also my phone. I look forward to converting my new colleagues to Android – or at least trying! Android FTW!

I definitely couldn’t live without my family. My dad is the ultimate fix-it, my mom, my support system, and my brother, who is by far the funniest person I know. My dog, well she is my security blanket, and the absolute love of my life.

Most rewarding PR/Marketing/Communications experience to date…

Any and all new business wins! I love learning about a new brand and developing a communications plan tailored to their business need. There is nothing better than hearing that we have captured the essence of their brand and clearly communicated an action plan that works for them.

What’s in your closet?

A bunch of beautiful pieces that are too small or too big. I am obsessed with online shopping and just generally love getting stuff in the mail; however I am clearly not aware of my size in all things. Besides that, I love J. Crew, French Connection and a good pair of Fidelity jeans. I have come to learn I look good in hats, so I will be expanding my collection.

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