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Meet: Maddalen Pasini

September 26, 2012

Junior Coordinator, Faulhaber PR

Day-to-day style influence? A major influence is definitely my state of mind, which changes every day. In terms of who influences me, I love Elin Kling’s casual yet elegant and minimalistic style. I really value putting effort into style, but there is an appealing sense of rebellion in just wearing a plain white t-shirt (especially when someone wears one on the red carpet).

Where you’ll find me? For good eats, good friends and great prosecco, you’ll find me at 416 Snack Bar. It’s close to home, crowded, loud and candle lit; the equation for the perfect atmosphere in my opinion!

Strange but true? I’ve always loved zombie films from the very first time I saw a George A. Romero flick. I’m mesmerized by the evolution of zombies. From the once sluggish moving dead corpses featured in earlier films, such as Day of the Living Dead, to the more active, intelligent and frightening ones depicted in recent films, such as Diary of the Dead. For all you zombie heads out there, there’s a George A. Romero program starting on October 31, 2012 at the Tiff Bell Lightbox. Be there.

New obsession? Deep fried tomatoes.

Most memorable melodic experience? During this year’s Osheaga music festival, Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano sang to my soul. In my earlier days, when I frequented heavy metal concerts, The Acacia Strain always stood out.

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