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Meet: Lexi Pathak

October 22, 2011

Meet FPR: FPR is starting a series of posts about our hard-working team of PR professionals. Stay tuned to find out who we are and what makes us tick.

Senior Associate, Faulhaber PR

Favourite place? Anywhere there is water, especially the ocean. I am a total fish. I think my pulse instantly slows down in the presence of water.

Sign? Scorpio. I was born on Remembrance day – my granny wanted to call me Poppy, but my mom put her foot squarely down. So I could have been Poppy Pathak.

If not PR, what? I like to imagine I would have made a great ballerina, although with my two left feet, it is a bit of a pipedream. Other than that, definitely a zoologist, specializing in lemurs, elephants or dolphins.

Advice to new PRs? It’s all about dedication. You need to love this job. It is fast-paced and challenging at times but very rewarding. Always smile even when you feel like screaming. And develop duck skin…to let things roll off your back.

Extracurricular? I am a sports junkie. I teach yoga and play football. I also love Muay Thai, running, swimming, and basketball.

Last live music show? Eels, followed by Twin Shadows and Diamond Rings.

Favourite Hang out spot in Toronto? Cherry beach with my pup Napoleon Peanut, and a Sam James coffee in hand. It’s a wild dog scene.

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