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Meet: Christine Faulhaber

November 23, 2011

Where did you start? I started in retail where I honed my sales and merchandising skills at Fairweather. On my first day, I won the staff prize for most sales – a jar of jellybeans. I got a 20% raise the next week.

Most enlightening experience? Prior to opening Faulhaber PR, I went on a solo mission to Greece. It was there that I began to deeply reflect on my career, future, and ultimately, next steps to success. I discovered my ability to sell ideas to others and to connect individuals. That was the light bulb moment for me. My first website was isellideas.com.

What’s in your closet? New red Giambattista Valli, black cashmere/leather VAWK topper and a few vintage dresses that I fit into again!! After 2 kids I’m glad to finally be fitting into most of my closet. Also loving my LV patent Pont De Neuf.

How is life with children? Jack (2.5) and Zoe (9 months) are so much fun.

Have you kept any career mementos? I keep scrapbooks of old work memorabilia. I have an amazing one from my days with Dylex and also with Joeffer Caoc. I also have a colourful backless jumper (runway sample) that Daira Wvobery strutted on the runway. It used to fit…I wore it to a Fashion Cares a while back.

Do you have a mantra or a maxim you live by? I live life running from the fear of being mediocre.

Vacation destination? Just came back from Sonoma. Next Stop Berlin (for work). Then Mexico with the kids for Christmas.

What should everyone have in their wardrobe? A black leather jacket. Animal print. Expensive heels.

Currently working on? My 2 babies & my goodlife membership and 2012 client schedules.

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