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Keep Your Tresses Looking Fresh

February 24, 2012

Guest post by Chantel Guertin, Author, Editor & Beauty Expert

The light-speed pace of a PR lifestyle can do a number on your coif. Luckily we have the lovely Chantel Guertin to explain how she keeps those tresses looking fresh.

How to freshen up curls

To get those curls back in shape, you need to add moisture back into the hair (since moisture activates curls).

1. Use a water-based curl-activating spray (try Marc Anthony Curl Booster or Osis Pump Up My Curl) which will pump up curls and give them some structure.

2. Use your fingers to scrunch hair.

3. Touch up any pieces that refuse to curl with a small-barrel curling iron (I love KQC Swirl Professional Curling Iron because it spins as your curls, so you never get a dent in your hair).

How to save your blowdry

I love starting the holiday season with a good blowdry — it will last for days and save you so much time each day, but to really make it last, you need these tricks.

1. First, don’t let the stylist spray your hair — clean hair will last longer than hairsprayed hair.

2. Then, before bed, sweep hair loosely up to the top of your head. Twist hair into a loose bun and secure with a hair scrunchie from the 80s. Don’t have one? Tie a cotton sock around the bun. It must be cotton — no polyester allowed!

3. In the morning, slip a shower bonnet over your high bun before hitting the shower to protect hair from any moisture. Make sure you are completely dry before you take hair out of the cap and scrunchie.

4. Use a comb (not your fingers — they have too much oil) to smooth any frizzies or dishevelled pieces. Touch up any curls with a curling iron.

How to rescue an up-do

If your updo is coming undone, the first step is to try to salvage the original style.

1. Swap out your regular bobby pins for Goody Spin Pins — just a few will do the work of a dozen bobby pins and keep those pieces in place for hours.

2. Then, spray your hair all over with a strong hold hairspray (L’Oreal Elnett hairspray is ideal because it brushes out easily — without white flakes — in case you really can’t save your chignon and need to start over).

3. Use a wide-tooth comb or brush to gently smooth any unruly pieces. Even if you had a perfect updo to start, the key to the rescue is going for more of a mussed-up version of a chignon or bun. Don’t worry about every single hair being in place.

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