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INSPIRED: Our Two Days with Marcel Wanders

May 9, 2013


Last week, we worked with Klaus Nienkamper II (less formally known as K2) to host legendary design visionary and Moooi Co-Founder, Marcel Wanders, in Toronto for the first time in over ten years. Throughout interviews, a talk at Toronto’s Soho House with Anwar Mekhayech of The Design Agency, a blowout bash at Klaus by Nienkamper, and Hair of the Dog Brunch at the Design Exchange, we pulled our top ten quotes from the creative genius:

1. Look at an object and see if it makes you happy. I look at all things about the object and see if those things make me happy

2. If love was an island, beauty would be its ambassador… There is so much love and fun and beauty to be found in design.

3. It’s hard to choose a favourite work, it’s like asking a mother her favourite child.

4. We play with the identity of materials to see if they can become something else. Fantasy is a word that really resonances. It is a word that is the essence of design but no one talks about!

5. We are a result of billions of small mistakes. Big ideas create big problems. Small ideas create solutions.

6. I want to buy what I sell. I want to sit on both sides of the table.

7. There’s nothing that grows more old than the new. And so I’ve always implanted something from the past in my work.

8. I want to make things people will want to keep forever.

9. I try to evaluate my success in the hearts and heads of my audience.

10. If there is something I want to do before I die. I am going to do it before I die.

Klaus Nienkamper II unveiled Moooi’s latest 2013 products in his showroom windows – visit the 300 King Street East location to check them out, along with a stunning display of imagery along with windows. @KlausNienkamper http://klausn.com/

For more inspiration from Marcel, follow him on Twitter: @wanderswonders.


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