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Getting ready to host family and friends over the holidays? Stunning, architectural fireplace brand, Paloform, has partnered with interior design expert, Lisa Canning, to showcase mantle styling tips for the modern home. Specializing in contemporary interiors, Lisa brings her fashion background and flair for textiles to homes across Canada.

The three, styled vignettes below, perched upon Paloform’s Nougat tiles, showcase this year’s trends with fresh accessories from Canadian furniture brand, EQ3 and design showroom, Elte.

Here are some last-minute pointers for sophisticated seasonal décor!


Adorned with beautiful blue accessories, this fireplace mantel is anything but typical. Lisa says goodbye to traditional colour palettes and introduces a bold and bright look. Decorative ribbon, fun feathers and eccentric ornaments make your fireplace a festive focal point on a reasonable budget.


Classic red and white mix for a look with Scandinavian influence. Lisa creates a modern aesthetic by mixing various textures and fabrics. Lush throws and soft pillows make your space warm and welcoming. Add some character to your mantel by hanging EQ3’s handmade paper ornaments at varying heights.


There’s no better time than the holidays to incorporate gold, shimmer and glitter into your home. Lisa urges you to mix metals for a mature, glamorous look. Geometric-patterned stockings and minimal accessories add a contemporary flair, balanced by cozy warm colours and textures.

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