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Celebrate the glorious globe and increase your environmental consciousness.

Below we take a look at five Canadian companies that are setting a positive example, from locally sourced materials to reduced energy consumption. 

Earthy Ambience

Whether you’re looking for a unique spatial divider or a focal point for outdoor entertaining this summer, opt for an earthy yet elegant fire pit by Paloform.

Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Paloform’s concrete products are made using 30% post-industrial recycled materials. Further, each of these products use high-volume fly ash, which not only results in better, stronger concrete but also reduces its energy footprint. 


Eco-chic Accessories

From a cork bowl to a stoneware herb pot, bring the outdoors in with natural products and home gardening pieces from EQ3



Sustainable Development Expert

Spearheading environmental initiatives like urban farm lots in downtown Toronto to developing condo buildings that exceed LEED standards, President and CEO of TAS, Mazyar Mortazavi, is committed to creating sustainable communities. Developments like DUKE Condos and Kingston&Co in Kingston Road Village feature green roofs, in-suite energy recovery ventilators and terraces lined with harvest planters for home gardening. TAS’s headquarters also uses 100 per cent green electricity generated from regional wind and hydro facilities.


Green Furnishings

Made from only the finest organic and sustainable sources without pesticides or chemicals, Cisco, available at ELTE, offers style, comfort and sustainability. By using natural latex, organic wool, goose feathers and down and properly stained FSC woods, Cisco offers homeowners peace of mind.


Eco-Friendly Fashion

Ethically produced and manufactured in Canada, local artisans and craftspeople handcraft BRAVE's leather goods and accessories. The material used is exclusively a by-product of the food industry.


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