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A boss is often more than someone who we simply cross paths with at the office on a daily basis; a boss is someone who provides guidance, insight and helps us grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Oftentimes, a “boss” is more than a boss altogether. They can be a leader, a teacher and a friend. They know when to be tough and when to be gentle. They understand how to turn a challenge into a lesson. The art form of constructive criticism and the necessity of encouragement and praise for a job well done.

We are proud to work for FAULHABER and wanted to let our President know how much we appreciate her on her birthday. So without further adieu, the staff share their own personal experiences of working with Christine and what she has taught us.


I have been working with and for CF since 2005. I watched her grow her business from two employees to 17 employees. So proud to be part of this. Happy Bday CF!


Going the extra mile for clients!


Christine taught me the value of a firm handshake. I admire that she intuitively knows our clients and exactly what they want, without hesitation.


Christine is one of the most unique, passionate and driven people I have ever met and I learn more from her every day.


Relationship management is something Christine excels at. Without strong relationships, there is no foundation for building a larger vision. I am constantly developing my understanding of how to best serve our clients every day and CF always provides insight and support.



Everyone in the industry knows Christine! She has taught me to never be comfortable where you are, to consistently grow in order to move to the next level and improve. Christine has also taught me the value of client love – never to get so caught up in the general activities that you lose sight of “the big picture” and what your client really needs.


CF has taught me to “go there” and turn every connection and experience into something tangible. I am learning that persistence and determination is key in communications. Her passion never runs dry and I could not ask for a better mentor.


I’m inspired by her ability to think ahead of the ball and outside the box. Her first business was called ‘I Sell Ideas’ and she does just that!



I admire that Christine is very driven and she is always striving to be on the cutting edge of trends – or creating them. Not to mention, her outfits are always put together and accessorized nicely.


Christine is fearless. She inspires me to take risks, share ideas and step out of my comfort zone.


The importance of presentation; it’s not just what you’re presenting, it’s how you’re doing it that is equally important. You could have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t articulate or package it properly, its value won’t shine in the same way.


I admire her work/home life balance and her willingness to check in with me on how I am feeling having moved 3,500 miles from home!


Christine is passionate, always in-the-know, event-savvy, ambitious and direct. She coaches us to improve and always stay one step ahead of a client’s needs.



Christine is a true PR savant. Intelligent, passionate, killer instinct and an inimitable flair for the personal touch. Her finger is not just on the pulse but in front it. Working closely with her for the past three years has been quite the adventure and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Happy bday CF!


As a mentor, CF pushes us to take an extra step to keep our clients happy and do our very best in everything we do.


CF has shown me the value of ambidextrous thinking; keeping a big picture perspective while not losing track of critical details invaluable to overall success.


I have learned how important it is to think creatively and unconventionally; clients value original ideas and concepts and they also stand out for the audience as well.

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