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Get to know a Neighbourhood: West Don Lands

June 23, 2014

West Don Lands is no longer the thriving industrial base it once was. Companies have moved, factories have closed and the neighbourhood has revived. If you go a little east, you’ll find yourself in Leslieville. If you head due west, you’ll be exploring the Distillery District and Corktown. Whether you’re considering being a permanent resident, or just a passerby, we’ve rounded up our top five neighbourhood spots to check out the next time you’re in Toronto’s lower east.

Corktown Common

Corktown Common is park design done right, located in the middle of the West Don Lands neighbourhood. Think 18 acres of green space, playgrounds, splash pads, an athletic field and plenty of open space. It’s destined to be the perfect space for outdoorsy types. The possibilities are endless – biking and walking paths, boardwalks, off-leash dog parks. Might we add that it’s the perfect place to have a picnic!

River City Condos

Unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, this four-phase development by forward thinking developer Urban Capital is taking architectural design to new heights and truly enhancing the revitalization of the neighbourhood.  Check out their latest phase, River City Phase 3. 


Ever walk into a store and not want to leave? That’s the feeling you’ll have when you walk into modern furniture retailer EQ3. From bold and colourful, to subtle and minimalistic, EQ3 will undoubtedly have the perfect piece to add to your home. Beds, kitchen, closets and living rooms – you name it, EQ3 has got it.

Rooster Coffee House

Itching for a caffeine fix? This is the place to go. If you like to enjoy your coffee in a cozy, home-like environment, you won’t regret walking through the doors of Rooster Coffee House at 343 King Street East. Call it your home away from home if you may. It’s a place where you can do work away from the office, read a book, or play a board game with your nearest and dearest.

Brick Works

Located just over five minutes away from the neighbourhood, Evergreen Brick Works is the perfect outdoor escape. Packed with weekend events including the Farmer’s Market (yum, eat local!), gardening workshops and an upcoming bike festival, there’s an event for just about anyone. Visit their website to read more about their upcoming events: http://www.evergreen.ca/whats-on/

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