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#FSQUAD: Lauren's Key Learnings

June 30, 2017

As you may have already seen on our Insta feed, Lauren Hildebrand, on in-house Creative Services Specialist, recently celebrated her two-year anniversary at FAULHABER. Last week, she sat down with us to share her words of advice for those looking to get into the industry. 

What was your biggest learning?

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I started out as a public relations intern and voiced that I was interested in working on more digital projects because of my background in Fashion Communications. A designated content creation team didn’t exist in 2014 but because I asked, I essentially created my own position at the company. 

What was your favourite project or a project you were excited to be part of? 

There are countless projects that I have been proud to be part of at FAULHABER. From creating original animations for belif cosmetics to photoshoots with Genesis, I am so lucky to be in an environment that allows me to be creative every day. 

One of my favourite current projects is the Monogram Studio Series, which is a 5-part video series with Top Chef Canada judge Mijune Pak, and Lavelle Executive Chef Romain Avril, celebrity mixologist Orlando Carreira, and MONOGRAM Showroom Manager Brae Mason. It is one of our biggest projects to date and is being produced all in-house. 

What is your advice for future PR's?

Always be learning. Absorb as much as you can from your co-workers and teach yourself new skills on the side. You will refine your own talents while adding value to the company.

Get a sneak peek of Lauren's day-to-day by following her on Instagram.

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