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#FSQAUD Celebrates Social Media Day

June 30, 2016

Can we get a hands up emoji? It’s Social Media Day (#SMDAY)! This year the FSQUAD is celebrating the 7th annual Social Media Day to recognize the digital revolution and how it has changed the way we communicate with brands, people and each other. So… can you guess which FSQUAD member matches the emoji below? We polled the team at FHQ to find out their most used emojis and let’s just say that we weren’t surprised.

Faulhaber has been a pioneer in recognizing that the future of communications lies in the digital landscape, with the heart of it being within the social media realm. We understand that the story-telling of your brand is an ongoing and highly strategic process and we have nailed it down to a science… well several sciences. 

How can we help? Check out our full digital services capabilities here and check out our digital stats below!

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