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Highly anticipated This Is Not A Toy guest curator Pharrell Williams recently spoke with CBC Q’s Jian Ghomeshi, and as always, the Grammy award winning musician and fashion designer never fails to drop some knowledge.


Photo: theselby / todd selby http://www.theselby.com at Pharrell’s home in Miami

Here are our top five favourite Pharrell quotes to get you feeling inspired:

  1. “Any time you can help bring accessibility and some visibility to people’s work, if you have the time you should definitely give it. You got to continue to give back to what was given to you, which is an opportunity.”

  2. "Even if you don’t make music, you are still a co-creator."

  3. "If you feel like you know everything, then you’ve just limited yourself."

  4. “The most important part for me in a session is that I have no ego. It allows me to remain open to what the possibilities are and what can be done.”

  5. "There’s creation everywhere, just depends on how you quantify it personally."

Listen to the interview here: http://music.cbc.ca/#/blogs/2014/1/Deep-thoughts-by-Pharrell-Williams

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