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#FREPS: EDIT at Toronto's East Harbour

July 19, 2017


Have you ever imagined what the inside of a soap factory was like? From September 28 to October 8, 2017, Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology (EDIT) will gather people from all over the world into Toronto’s East Harbour (formerly known as Unilever Soap Factory). Sorry to burst your bubble, there won’t be any soap involved, but we promise you will get an equally as playful experience with design.

Not only is the industrial building beautiful, but its also a historic Toronto icon. Don’t believe us? Here are some fun facts about East Harbour:

  • The Lever brothers (Unilever Canada) owned the property since 1892.
  • For more than a century, workers made soap here, including Sunlight and Dove products.
  • Unilever Canada was a pioneer in producing the first individually wrapped, hand-sized packages of soap, which were an important step forward in improving daily hygiene in the late 19th century. Talk about innovation and technology, am I right?
  • The Studio District, where the Unilever property is located has a long history of industrial use and is one of the earliest settled parts of the city.
  • Aside from housing a soap factory, the site was also once home to cattle barns. Tallow (animal fat) would have likely been used to make soap at the Lever brothers factory.
  • The property is set to be transformed into a new business employment hub.
  • The site has been closed to the public for the last eight years as First Gulf made plans to develop the land into office, retail, and institutional area, but is now available for photo shoots, video shoots and film production.
  • The building has been used as a backdrop for movies filmed in Toronto such as Suicide Squad.
  • The old Unilever Soap Factory, now known as Toronto’s East Harbour, will hold the anticipated 100,000 EDIT guest with 150,000 square feet and five floors of design, innovation, and technology.

Photo credit: NOW MAGAZINE

Are you counting down the days until EDIT? We definitely are! For tickets, scheduling, and more information, be sure to check out www.editdx.org

We can’t wait to see you there!

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