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We’re always looking for an excuse to invest in a new pair of shoes; our latest temptation is cool British brand J SHOES. The ingenious fusion of timeless shoemaking heritage and urban originality make these shoes ideal for anyone who values artistic design, quality and style.

J SHOES creator Adam Ford developed the brand with free thinking, relaxed, confident and creative men and women in mind and we’re falling head over heels. While the brand may have originated over the pond, don’t fretJ SHOES can be found right here at home at the following local retailers: Town Shoes, Heel Boy, Lavish & Squalor, GOTSTYLE and Carbon Toronto.

The only downfall of this charming and undeniably eye-catching brand with classic appeal is that it leaves us wanting every pair, in every colour. See below for some of our must-haves for 2014, inspired by the latest runway and style trends.

The Classic Neutral


The Statement Shoe


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