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#FHQDish: A Faulhaber Valentine

February 13, 2015

In honour of Valentine's Day, we asked our loving staff to dive deep into the depths of their hearts and tell us what their dream February the 14th looks like. 

We were suprised to see that the majority of the #FSQUAD likes to keep things sweet and simple on this day of love.

What's your dream Valentine's Day?

Maddalen: With someone I love, enjoying food that I love.

Shannon: 3 to 4 days after, when restaurants are not filled with heart-shaped balloons and chocolate is half-price! BOOM! #antivday

Kevin: A romantic dinner for two at one of Montreal's top sushi hot spots, Maiko Sushi.

Charley: A date with Ryan Gosling at this castle catered by Executive Chef Craig Harding of Campagnolo. Eva Mendez who? A girl can dream…

Lindsay: As Valentine’s Day is also our eight year anniversary, we celebrate in the most romantic way: our couch + Netflix + pizza + scotch. 

Fiona: Being with my favourite lady, aka Mama Bang, celebrating her Valentine’s birthday.

Jackie: A care package from a friend. Especially if they live across the world!

Patricia: Watching horror movies.

Kasia: Middle of nowhere. Icefishing in an igloo #wifelife

Lexi: Sunrise surf session in Bali, day at the beach, sunset massage, then fresh seafood and champagne!

Sarah: Something off the beaten path. No VDAY dreams, this year we’re trying Dim Sum for the first time and going to a show at the Horse Shoe!

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