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#FHQ: 4 Fall Food Favorites From Our FAULHABER Team

September 15, 2014

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler, here are some of our favorite foods for the autumn weather. Enjoy!

Charley: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

When cool weather comes my go-to lunch dish, perfect for taking to the office, is roasted butternut squash soup. My sous-chef friend Zander, once told me the key to slightly sweetening this yummy soup is adding a bit of honey. Easy to make and healthy, you can’t go wrong!

Justin: Green Tea, Blueberry and Banana smoothie

Nothing kick starts my mornings more than this delicious smoothie with blueberries, honey, green tea and honey. Simply brew the tea, blend the rest of the ingredients with ice and you're out of the door before you know it!

Maddalen: P&L's Chicken Burger

One of life's greatest pleasures on those cold nights heading into fall. The burger is now available on the menu as of today!

Kevin: Portuguese Kale Soup

Reminiscent of the days when folklore reigned the town square and grocery shopping meant a trip to the backyard, Portuguese Kale Soup ("Caldo Verde"), has been around for centuries in Portuguese culture and has made its way into the kitchens of many Canadians looking for a healthy, hearty soup. This simple dish incorporates generous amounts of shredded kale, Yukon potatoes, mashed white kidney beans and its star player: "chouriço" - spicy Portuguese sausage that gives it its intense flavour.

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