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#FGoes: Team Building Day at Toronto Island

July 24, 2015

This past Wednesday, the FAULHABER team headed to the Toronto Island for the agency's Annual Summer Retreat. Packed with stimulating activities, the day was filled with team building and bonding.

FAULHABER worked collaboratively to contribute to a day of creativity and exploration and took part in activities that ran parallel to every day challenges we encounter in the office. The program for the day consisted of workshops that revisited topics such as how to sell the agency, always being prepared and taking 100 per cent accountability. These reinvigorated our group with the importance of communication, responsibility and trust. Dissecting the definition of  'accountability' helped us to refocus the role and attitude of each individual in the group.

Culture Club leaders Kevin Pacheco and Jackie Pare brought us all back to the classroom with a fierce game of trivial pursuit, testing our brand knowledge and bestowing the most FAULHABER savvy team members with a dinner at the noteworthy Parts & Labour.

Ramping up our endless ambition to get creative and try new things, we took on yet another PRrrrrrr challenge. With the help of our friends at Pirate Life, the whole team was outfitted in pirate gear, given pirate names, and loaded onto a pirate ship! The itinerary of activities carried over to sea.

All aboard at the end of the day, we are confident to say - we are all in the same boat.

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