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NYC can be chaotic to the initiated and uninitiated alike. Our best advice? Make a hit list so you don’t miss a beat. Read on to discover Account Coordinator Maddalen's top three fave spots from her recent trip that you may want to include on your next NYC hit list.


1. The Smile (SOHO)
This little hidden NYC gem on Bond Street has sandwiches that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Not only is Bond Street architecturally beautiful and the location is in one of our favourite NYC nooks, but the restaurant has a comforting atmosphere that will warm your mind and belly. We highly recommend Manouri Cheese & Fig sandy; it includes fig preserves, truffle oil, pear, and arugula on sourdough.


(Image: The Smile)

Kick your diet to the curb! This farm-to-table modern Dim Sum spot known for their extremely inventive presentation is unforgettable. The décor is garden simple, modern rustic and unclutteredexcept with people. From shrimp-stuffed jalapeño poppers, Katz’ pastrami egg roll to black truffle chicken dumplings and Pac Man shrimp dumplings that look like anime characters, everything is exciting and extraordinary about this place.


(Image: Pac Man shrimp dumplings at RedFarm)

3. Kidrobot (SOHO)
This hard-to-miss playful store is for the child in you. Get lost in the dream world of designer toys in the heart of Soho. Shop vinyl toys, clothing and pop art accessories that will brighten your day and home. These collector items have become even more fascinating to the FAULHABER team since we have been working on the This is Not a Toy exhibition, created by the Design Exchange (DX) and guest curated by creative wunderkind Pharrell Williams, is the world’s first large-scale exhibition dedicated to designer toys as contemporary art.


Design Exchange, 234 Bay St. | February 7th, 2014



(Image: Kidrobot, NYC.)

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