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FGOES: Munich for the Holidays

January 11, 2017

Like most people, when I picture my perfect winter holiday it usually includes a beach, a lot of sun, and me hand-in-hand with a frozen margarita. However, in true 2016 fashion, nothing goes as planned – which is why you can picture my surprise when I landed in Munich, Germany this December. While there may not have been any signs of sand in sight, let me tell you why the Bavarian capital turned out to be my perfect holiday.

The Food

As a proud foodie (and carb-enthusiast), I can confidently say Germany takes the cake as one of Europe’s greatest culinary landmarks. From road-side stands of drool-worthy Kaiserschmarrn to Michelin star restaurants, you can guarantee you’ll never be hungry (and you’ll probably need to buy stretchy pants, please see below). My recommendation? Check out the legendary Hofbrauhaus for a true German experience and the best pretzels, ever.

The History

This isn’t your high school European history class, kids. The country as a whole is an oasis of jaw dropping architecture and culture, and Munich is definitely no exception. Whether you join a tour group or adventure on your own, be sure to check out the English Gardens, Neus Rathaus and St. Peter’s Church to step your Instagram game up a notch.

The Location

Take a train an hour east of Toronto and you end up in Whitby. Take a train an hour east in Munich however, and you end up in Salzburg, Austria. Germany’s easy to use train system makes saying no to day trips almost impossible! Throughout my six-day stay, not only did I get to soak in the München culture, but I also had the chance to visit some equally aw-inspiring places like Nurnberg and Fussen, home to the castle that inspired Disney’s iconic logo.

The Shopping

You didn’t think I would finish this blogpost off without mentioning my favourite past time, did you? To the dismay of my wallet, Munich takes retail very, very seriously. While it can be hard to navigated the store-front lined streets of Altstadt, I learned two things really quickly - Maximilianstrase is your go-to for all your window shopping needs, while the Maxvorstadt neighbourhood is sure to fill all of your wildest vintage-store dreams. Visiting in December? Don’t even get me started on the Christmas Markets… 

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