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#FFORCE Files: The Art of a Handwritten Letter

August 22, 2016

While normally I am not entirely a Steve Carell fan, I recently overheard some of his thoughts on handwritten letters, and he made me stop and think.  He spoke of their value and beauty, he said:

“Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly. It’s disappearing. My mom is the only one who still writes me letters. And there’s something visceral about opening a letter- I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting.”

His statement made me wonder what it is about handwritten letters that provide readers with a window to the writer’s soul.

Is it because a handwritten letter is a testament to the undeniable effort put forth by the writer? The fact that they could have typed out the same words in an email and just pressed send, but instead, they put ink to paper, bought a stamp, and sent out for it. Or is it the character that lives in each curve of every uniquely traced letter?

Whatever the reason may be, it is evident that handwritten letters exhibit a sense of purity; a simple and raw declaration of humanity and character. The truth is, a handwritten letter is an art form, and like a Picasso painting or Donatello sculpture, they are appreciated.

This appreciation is why we, at FAULHABER, handwrite notes to our clients and admired influencers.

Although this process may seem tedious and unnecessary at times, I can assure you, this extra effort goes a long way. It demonstrates our dedication and gratitude to the receiver while showing them who we are and why we care.

So even when your hand is cramping, make sure you take time to cross your t’s and dot your i’s because a simple handwritten letter makes a big impact in the PR world and may even lead to press wins in the future.


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